Finally…an app that improves my life

Yeah, I’ve got an iPhone, and yeah I use certain apps day in day out. Mostly Twitter and Facebook, perhaps the odd game of Scrabble…but I recently started questioning how it actually affects my life. Does it improve it?

Being able to communicate directly with people all over the world helps me share my thoughts and opinions, but I was dubious whether there was an app out there that could positively affect my health and well-being. I’ve done my research on this and there are plenty that assist in helping achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but last week I came across one, costing 99p, that has since made me re-evaluate the true power of the iPhone.

It’s called Sleep Cycle.

Sleep Cycle uses the sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement in bed. It then determines the best time to wake you up by measuring your sleep phases, and rousing you when you are in the lightest sleep phase. You can of course set a half hour period in which it does this.

A natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.

I was dubious at first but was swayed by the positive reviews on the app store. But it works! I’ve been using it for a few days and have instantly noticed a difference. Even the alarm sounds are a massive improvement on the standard alarm, and the fact you can review and save a chart of your sleep phases night after night is a huge plus.

Now you may not be aware of the fact I’ve just become a dad again for the third time recently, and am loving it! But, believe me, I have years of experience in dealing with sleep deprivation and understand how it can really affect your day.

Sleep Cycle doesn’t shut my kids up or tuck them back into bed (how I wish there was an app for that!) but anything that eases the affect of interrupted sleep and helps me come to my senses in these dark, miserable mornings is a winner in my opinion.

It may also have woken me up to the true potential of iPhone apps.